February 26, 2014

Tiffany Necklaces Misses and i used to make s

'Nearly Rich' Now Spending In A 'Middle If the rich and"Near rich"Can afford to shop at tiffany's for baubles and buy $400 purses from coach, surely those"Excess"Funds could be taken away tiffany sale:http://www.getoutofthemud.com/ from them by taxes and redistributed to those in need, via support for food banks, pay for teachers and nurses, repair of infrastructure. Let's get real:These greedy clowns are tiffany:http://www.getoutofthemud.com/ just blowing money that could be put to good societal use, while the rest of the country suffers.Who"Needs"To spend $85, 000-$150, 000 on an automobile?Let's look at the"Income"Side of the deficit reduction equation:Increasing taxes--Rather than just slashing spending in areas that need funds. Misses Tiffany Earrings Sale OK and i used to make some great money, but we dropped out of the corporate grind 22 years ago.We built a couple of small businesses and still operate one today. Now in our mid and late fifities we still work and bring in about 50, 000 per year combined.About 1/3rd is generated by investments the low price other through salaries we give oursleves.Of this, we can generally save/invest at least $20, 000.00 per year, which is our yearly target and has been for years.

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